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Elliot Lacroix was raised in Vermont, but it wasn't until he left for university in Colorado that he started to climb. Since then he has worked as an outdoor guide, wilderness therapy guide, risk assessment manager at a climbing gym as well as living full time out of his van as he travels the country chasing the good weather! He now lives back in Vermont working as a guide and artist. But you will still  find him  at the crag, mountains, or chasing the powder when he's not tangled in a pile of ropes.

End Of The Line Design came from his passion about climbing, environmentalism, and creativity. He creates rope art that takes retired old climbing ropes, that would normally be thrown away, and reuses them to make beautiful pictures. All the wood for the frames are sourced from local lumber yards and  custom made by the artist. 

As you look through our site check out the descriptions on each picture! They mention where the ropes came from, and some memories about where they have been. These pictures are so much more than just ... well... pictures. They tell us a story and they have memories. They have been places, and as you sit in your home thinking about your next adventure, hopefully they will give you inspiration!

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