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Rope Donations!

I am sure that over the years many of us have found ourselves wondering …. what should I to do with my old climbing ropes? Do I hold on to them? Well, End Of The Line Design has the solution.

At End Of The Line Design we take old, retired climbing ropes and reuse them by turning them into rope art pictures. Often old climbing ropes end up in land fills or collecting dust  in our closet. This is where you come in! By donating your ropes you can give them new purpose and know that they are being loved once again in a new home! 

 These pictures also tell a story. Every rope has traveled around the world and have been on many a adventure. So when you are home, relaxing after crushing it at your local gym or crag, and looking at these pictures, you will be reminded about all of your past and future adventures!



We understand that most of us still value our old ropes. They kept us safe and were there with us during some of our best and toughest moments. That is why we offer a $50 refund or more for donated ropes on any picture you buy from us, as well as everlasting fame on our Wall of Achievements and your rope’s memories in many pictures across the world.



If you are interested in donating your old climbing ropes today please click our “Contact The Artist Page” in our menu at the top of the page. There you can fill out our “Contact The Artist Form” and tell us how many ropes you are donating, what type, color, who they are from, where they are coming from and some memories that the ropes have. Just send us a message and we’ll go from there!

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